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My name is Judy A Hewitt. Some know me as a mother, grandmother, sister friend, entrepreneur, and a woman of God. I am a native of Trinidad and Tobago, who now calls Florida home. I am a 2x Bestselling author, and I can’t wait for us to get to know each other better!

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I am affiliated with Unique Umbrella Effect and Fishers of Souls International Outreach Inc. I have partnered with them for the past year, providing support as they carry out the mandate that God has on their ministries.

Peace and blessings.

About Me

Author Judy A Hewitt co-author of Amazon #1 bestselling anthology’s, For Such a Time as This, and The Breaking Point. Hewitt has been spotlighted in several magazine and had the honor of speaking on various radio shows to promote and discuss her journey and books.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Her career spans over eighteen years as a Case manager. An admitted writer, poet and lover of music and art, Hewitt is committed to using her God given gift to improve the lives of those touched by her writing.

Originally a native of Trinidad and Tobago, she now calls Florida home. Devoted to her four grandchildren and in the memory of her son Ronald C Hewitt, she writes.

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Anthology: “For Such A Time As This”

For such a time was released November 13, 2021, as an Amazon bestseller in nine categories.

This is a powerful compilation of stories from men and women who decided to defy odds and move past the mountains of uncertainty because they knew God had called them to fulfill a bigger purpose for their lives. We share transformational stores of resilience.

My Chapter: The Power of Forgiveness

The readers will discover a surefire way to acknowledge the hurt and resentment associated with unforgiveness. They will get my real-life story, along with the steps I followed in the process of forgiving and healing. Forgiveness Matters!!


“The Breaking Point” When life requires a shift!

The Breaking Point was released on April 19, 2022, as an Amazon bestseller and endorsed by Les Brown.
These stories are by men and women who share how they came to that turning point and were able to overcome adversity and reach their own personal breakthrough in life. Each story will encompass their unique struggle and how they overcame the challenges to find that they had the courage, the power, and the resolve to build their life again.
This book will serve as a potent reminder that everyone has the power to choose which direction they want for their own lives.

My Chapter: My Season of Purpose
Ecclesiastes 3:1 To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.
The readers will journey with me as I share the seasons of my life, and how I took my life back!
I will share how God took me from a wilderness season to a winning season. You will witness how the hand of God moved within my life and despite the twists, turns, ups and downs of my journey. I have learned my past failures cannot hinder my fruitfulness. He is faithful!



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